Marchutz School of Art                                                                        5/2009-8/2009

The Institute for American Universities

Aix-en-Provence, France

Courses: Studio in Art, and Art Criticism GPA: 4.0 

Maryland Institute College of Arts                                                       8/2011-present

Baltimore, MD 21217

BFA (pending) Dual Major in Illustration/Humanistic Studies and Art History Minor (expected graduation May 2016) with the 5-yr Masters is Art and Teaching Program (expected graduation May 2017) 

Maryland Institute College of the Arts                                                5/2013-6/2013

Unspoiled Africa Study Abroad

Cape Verde, Africa

São Tomé, Africa

Studio Arts Center International                                                            1/2014-5/2014

Semester Abroad

Florence, Italy


Barnstone Studios                                                                                    6/2008-9/2008

Myron Barnstone, Coplay, PA

Capacity: Studio Assistant

National Aeronautics and Space Administration                                             8/2010-2011

Illustrations for Adventures in the Attic

Capacity: Children’s Book Illustrator

Banana Factory                                                                                     7/2013-8/2013 Alison Bessesdotter, Bethlehem, PA            

Capacity: Studio Assistant

Professional Experience

Eberhard von Hahn                                                                                            4/2014-6/2014

Aulla Lunigiana, Italy                                                           

Capacity: Small Scale Organic Farming 

BAUM School of Art                                                                                           6/2014-8/2014

510 W Linden St, Allentown, PA 18101

Capacity: Counselor for City Arts Camp, Classroom Assistant, Substitute Teacher

Art Installer at the M&T Bank Center

Graphic Designer, Cover Illustrator

Lehigh Valley Charter School for the Arts                                                          7/2014

Bethlehem, PA

Capacity: Summer Academy Visual Art Instructor

National Aeronautics and Space Administration                              8/2010-2011

Illustrations for Adventures in the Attic

Capacity: Children’s Book Illustrator           

Renee Hubka                                                                                    12/2014-1/2015

Dublac, Commonwealth of Dominica

Capacity: Art instructor

Prof. Mikita Brottman                                                                        10/2014-3/2015

Maryland Institute College of Art

Baltimore, MD

Capacity: Illustrator

Skills/Relevant Experience

Computer: Proficient in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Microsoft Office, PowerPoint, I-Movie, Prezi, Endnote With Introductory Knowledge of Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, and ExCell

Fine Arts/Studio:

2-D Design

-Consulted Clients and Designed Promotional Materials Including Branding, Posters, Brochures, Book Layout, T-shirts, and Logotypes

-Printmaking Including Woodblock, Lino-cut, Monotype, Copper and Zinc Etching, Copper and Zinc Engraving, and Screenprinting

-Digital Photography and Editing Software

-Mural Painting

-Experienced in Mixed Media With Emphasis in Oil Painting, Collage, Photography,  Gouache, and Acrylic

3-D Design: Fibers, Sculpture, & Construction

-Produced and Designed Sculptures in Wood, Mixed Media, Concrete, and Ceramics

-Experienced in Handbuidling, Glazing, Wheelthrowing, and Mosaics

-Conceptualized and Created Background for Theatre Sets

-Introductory Weaving, Dying, Pattern Making, and Machine Sewing

-Stuffed Animal and Puppet Construction


-Wall Construction and Preparation

-Artwork Installation

-Exhibition Promotional Materials